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Our State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

iTero Digital Impression Scanner

Team member designing a crown using Glidewell technology.

At Indy Dental Group, our team uses bite impressions to design a wide array of treatments so they both look great and fit comfortably, such as crowns, bridges, and even Invisalign. With the iTero scanner, getting the perfect impression is nice and easy. The scanner itself is about the size of a pen, and we use it to quickly capture dozens of images of the teeth. These are then pieced together by software on a nearby monitor to create the impression in just a few minutes, and from there, we can use it to plan a patient’s treatment down to the finest detail to ensure fantastic results. 

Glidewell One-Visit Restorations

patient and digital scan of their upper teeth

Our in-house Glidewell technology enables Indy Dental Group to design, mill, and place our own high-quality dental crowns in a single appointment, enabling our patients to repair their teeth in record time. We digitally scan a tooth, use this scan to determine the shape, size, and color of the crown, and then it’s milled right in our office using a single block of dental porcelain. This crown is then placed into the mouth, and that’s it! The entire process can often be completed in as little as an hour, and our crowns are just as strong and aesthetically-pleasing as any made by an outside lab.

Soft Tissue Dental Laser ("Picasso")

Picasso laser

Indy Dental Group uses the "Picasso Dental Laser," pioneered by Dr. Miller's brother Al Miller. This leading-edge dental technology is used to treat canker sore and herpetic lesions, remove fibromas, sterilize root canals, reshape or remove gum tissue, and eliminate bacteria from between diseased gums and teeth. Treatment with a dental laser is precise and controlled, and patients usually have no discomfort, no stitches, and no bleeding, making this an excellent alternative to other forms of treatment.

DEXIS Digital X-Ray System

Dexis x-ray machine

Indy Dental Group uses the DEXIS Digital X-ray System. With advanced digital radiography, we can provide you with the most in-depth, diagnostic X-rays available today. Digital radiography is safer than traditional radiography, exposing patients to approximately 90% less radiation, and plays an invaluable role in the diagnosis of dental problems.

DEXIS is also:

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Camera

All too often, patients can feel like they’re just going along with their doctor’s orders, not fully understanding the reasons behind their treatment or what exactly is going on with their smile. Intraoral cameras help reduce the mystery of your oral health here at Indy Dental Group. This advanced technology allows our team to take high-resolution images of the inside of your mouth and show them to you on a convenient chairside monitor. With this visual aid, our doctors can more clearly point out areas of damage and explain the effects of certain treatment options, helping you become a full participant in your oral healthcare journey. 

Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic Scaler

Indy Dental Group uses this amazing technology in its sophisticated periodontal disease program. The Ultrasonic Scaler combines high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations with a gentle, fine spray of water to help remove the tartar, plaque, and calculus build-up associated with periodontal disease, which is caused by bacteria. When certain types of bacteria reach critical levels, they begin behaving in a very destructive manner. The Ultrasonic Scaler helps us remove the calculus (which acts like a safe haven for bacteria), kill bacteria, and reduce endotoxin levels. The Ultrasonic Scaler is combined with antimicrobial therapy to treat the bacteria that causes this disease. It’s highly effective, faster, gentler, and more comfortable for our patients.

Nitrous Oxide

Indy Dental Group offers nitrous oxide for patients who need that calming effect. It’s delivered through a mask and helps patients feel more relaxed and less nervous about dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is safe and effective and has no long-acting effects. Please let our office know if you would like to use it at your next appointment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide?

Most patients, both children and adults, are good candidates for nitrous oxide. It poses little risk to patients and is highly effective in helping those with dental anxiety get the oral healthcare they need without additional worry.

But before it can be administered, a thorough consultation must first occur. This requires meeting with a member of our team to discuss one’s overall health. If no respiratory issues or sinus congestion are present, it is likely that nitrous oxide can be provided.

In general, most patients who choose nitrous oxide exhibit one or more of the following:

  • Have mild dental anxiety
  • Have a fear of needles
  • Experience an inability to sit for prolonged periods
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have had a bad experience at a previous dentist’s office

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

The process of receiving nitrous oxide is simple. The patient will sit in the dentist’s chair and have a nasal mask placed over their nose. Once the nitrous oxide mixture is turned on, the individual will begin to inhale. Within a short time, the effects of drowsiness and relaxation will occur. At no point will the person be unconscious but instead in a more comfortable state. Responding to dental cues will be easy, as they will remain somewhat cognizant.

Aftercare for Nitrous Oxide

Once treatment is complete, the mask will be removed so that the patient can begin to breathe in natural oxygen. Within a few minutes, they should begin to feel like their normal self. This, in turn, makes it possible for them to resume normal activity, whether that be going back to work or returning home.


Indy Dental Group takes pride in providing a clean, safe environment. We use leading-edge sterilization equipment and strictly follow OSHA’s regulatory standards. Continuing education on sterilization is mandatory for all staff.

patient whose teeth have been digitally scanned

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