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MetLife Dentist – Indianapolis, IN

Get the Most Out of Your MetLife Insurance

Indy Dental Group in Indianapolis is pleased to help patients take better care of their smiles. While high-quality dentistry is what individuals can expect, affordability is also an important component of any successful dental practice. This is why our MetLife dentist in Indianapolis is here to make undergoing dental treatment easier and more financially within reach. Our dental team will not only review your policy and help you better understand ways to save but will also explain the importance of using your benefits on preventive care – the cornerstone of dentistry. Call us today to learn how we can help you.

MetLife Coverage Availability & Fees

When looking at a dental insurance plan that matches your needs, you will find that it looks quite similar to others when it comes to available benefits, such as:

These benefits are made accessible by your dental insurance in Indianapolis once you not only agree to pay a monthly premium but also meet your annual deductible. Typically, the amount is minimal, but it must be met before your insurer will agree to pay for more of the services you receive.

This is why choosing an in-network dentist is so important. Although not required, you will find that you will pay significantly less than if you choose someone who is out of network. The reason is that in-network professionals negotiate fees and services with the insurance company, entering into a partnership with them to help patients pay the lowest possible price.

Patients who choose to see a dentist who is out of network will be required to pay upfront but may receive a reimbursement from the insurance company after the necessary paperwork is filed.

Meet the Team

At Indy Dental Group, we are pleased to have a team of professionals who understand how dental insurance works and who can help patients receive a clearer understanding of how to use it to their benefit. Many individuals do not realize their benefits can (and likely will) expire at the end of the calendar year. To prevent unused funds from going back to the insurance company, we will find ways to help you maximize your policy throughout the year. We’ll also file paperwork and claims on your behalf so that you can focus more on the status of your oral health and less on the financial side of dentistry.



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