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Restorative Dentist in Westfield & Indianapolis

Dental damage may be frustrating to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. At Indy Dental Group, our highly experienced doctors and staff members rely on the latest technology and quality materials to transform your oral health for the better, successfully treating decay, injuries, lost teeth, and other issues so that you can get back to enjoying your best life as soon as possible. Better yet, our practice offers five separate locations in Westfield, Carmel, and Indianapolis, IN – that means we’re never too far away from you and your family. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are a true cornerstone of restorative care, fitting over individual teeth and providing valuable support and protection.  Several materials are available for your new restoration, including metal-free, aesthetically pleasing ceramics. Our doctors at Indy Dental Group may recommend the creation and placement of a customized crown in the following situations:

Dental crowns are also used in conjunction with dental bridges, which can restore one or more missing teeth in a row. Some patients prefer bridges because of their more permanent nature; the crowns serve as “anchors” that attach to nearby healthy teeth and hold the bridge securely in place. We often recommend implant-retained bridges/dentures as a worthwhile alternative that doesn’t require neighboring teeth to be altered.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Here at Indy Dental Group, noticeable amalgam fillings are officially a thing of the past. Instead, we treat cavities with superior, tooth-colored fillings that are crafted from quality composite resin. This effective material can be shaded to precisely match your enamel, creating a seamless result that looks and feels natural. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, tooth-colored fillings form a more direct and conservative bond with the tooth, providing needed strength while also preserving more of the structure over time. Better yet, the lack of metals means that patients won’t experience excessive sensitivity to temperature changes. We’re happy to offer the latest and highest-rated bonding materials at our five office locations so that you’re able to enjoy the most durable and discreet restoration possible.

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Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures have been around for hundreds of years, and they’ve only gotten better with age. At Indy Dental Group, patients facing extensive tooth loss can rebuild their smile with a modern prosthetic that’s convenient and cost-effective. Your denture will be designed based on your specific restorative needs – full dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth, while partials can fill in certain teeth while leaving natural teeth safely in place. Looking for something sturdier? Our offices also offer implant-retained dentures.

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Root Canal Therapy

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache that lingers on and on, root canal therapy may be needed to save the tooth in question here at Indy Dental Group. This procedure is often thought of as scary, but that’s no longer the case with today’s advanced technology. During your treatment, our doctors will carefully access the inner area of your tooth, cleaning out diseased pulp and bacteria and replacing it with a safe substitute. After sealing the tooth shut again, a custom restoration is usually placed to rebuild the tooth fully and bring back its strength. With the help of root canal therapy, patients can avoid the need for extraction and enjoy their natural tooth for many more years to come.

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Our team always wants to help patients maintain their natural teeth, but there are situations where an extraction might be necessary to protect your overall oral health and your wellbeing, such as:

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You can rest assured that our doctors will handle your extraction procedure as smoothly and comfortably as possible, and quality reconstructive services are available for replacing lost teeth in sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing ways.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes, a single service just isn’t enough to bring back a patient’s strong, healthy smile. If your restorative needs are extensive, talk to our doctors at Indy Dental Group about a customized full mouth reconstruction plan. We’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your needs and recommend a schedule of services to address them, treating decay, rebuilding lost teeth, and much more in quality, long-lasting ways.

Learn More About Full Mouth Reconstruction

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